About Us
About the Edge Hill Estate

EDGEHILL estate originally owned in the 1760’s by “John Loving”,
for which the town:
Lovingston is named.  

Nelson Historical Society list "
EDGEHILL"  including:
Oak Ridge Estate – Tall Poplars – Warwick Hall and Chery Hill
as historical homes to see in Nelson County.

The house grew as the owners family grew. “EDGEHILL” built in
1893 when The Whitehead family moved in and made
improvements, followed by the Cooke family forming a swimming –
tennis club.

With seven Bedrooms and Five bathrooms, accommodations are
versatile - the upstairs can be divided into two Suets with two
bedrooms each. The larger rooms have trundle beds (that open to
two single beds)

From our (two) front porches- veranda view the skyline and
mountains. The front yard and veranda provide a great setting to
watch the ducks waddling from side to side in our stream fed pond,
or if the inculcation strikes go fishing, or just  watch the cows
grazing in the distance.

Walk down the hill and relax under the roof of the pavilion, take a
swim or play tennis.
Pavilion has a fully galley to accommodate outdoor cooking

The platform tennis court is Enclosed and lighted.

The in ground pool is thirty by fifty foot.
" Temporary closed for repairs"

The pavilion has separate toilet facilities for men and women
wishing to wash up or take a shower after playing tennis or
Three Paddock Stable  complete with tack room
bring your horse (s)
Pavilion kitchen
Pavilion with separate bathrooms
Pool and tennis court Temp. closed
for for repairs
Three Paddock Stable
                   --About the owner and  Innkeeper,William Schmidgall,
EDGEHILL for the purpose of sharing it’s simple beauty with others.
A world traveler,  worked in the Former USSR  - Asia - Europe, and Africa, has selected
the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and this historical inn as his residence.  He will
greet you with a glass of local wine or refreshments, and ensure your stay is a
comfortable one.